Biotechnology holds immense importance in today’s world due to its far-reaching impact on various aspects of our lives. It has revolutionised healthcare by enabling the development of medicines, therapies, and diagnostic tools, improving treatment options and disease management. Apart from this, Biotechnology also plays a crucial role in agriculture, where it enhances crop yield, improves nutritional content, and develops plants with increased resistance to pests and diseases.


The crucial role of Biotechnology in various fields, including healthcare, environment, agriculture, and industry, states the importance of studying biotechnology. By understanding the principles and applications of biotechnology, students can contribute to advancements in medicine, develop sustainable agricultural practices, address environmental issues, and drive innovation in industries.


The UK, renowned for its top-notch universities and high-quality research facilities, is a perfect destination for students planning to study Biotechnology courses. The country offers great learning opportunities, the latest technology tools, and high-tech experiment labs for students planning to study biotechnology courses in UK.


Now you must be thinking about where to study Biotechnology in UK. So here we have curated a list of some of the best universities in UK for biotechnology.

What is the Study of Biotechnology

First, It is important to understand the subject properly, so let’s begin with it!


The study of biotechnology involves applying biological knowledge and principles to develop technological solutions in various fields. It encompasses using living organisms, cells, and biomolecules to create innovative products and processes that benefit society. Biotechnology is a wide field, which includes many specialisations such as medical biotechnology, molecular biotechnology, pharmaceutical biotechnology, industrial biotechnology, etc.



Studying biotechnology equips students with a multidisciplinary skill set and knowledge base. It covers molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, microbiology, and bioinformatics. Students gain practical experience through laboratory work, research projects, and industry collaborations.


A career in biotechnology offers diverse opportunities in research and development, production, quality control, and regulatory affairs. Biotechnologists contribute to advancements in medicine, agriculture, environmental sustainability, and the development of innovative products.


List of Top Universities to Study Biotechnology in UK

So now let’s check some of the top universities in UK for Biotechnology courses.


University of Manchester


The University of Manchester offers 1 year MSc program in Biotechnology and Enterprise. It is considered one of the best universities in UK for Biotechnology courses.


While pursuing MSc in Biotechnology at the University of Manchester, you’ll be able to learn how to turn scientific discoveries into inventions and commercial products. You’ll also be able to develop research skills and scientific knowledge applicable to a range of careers, including working as a consultant, in business development, as a research and development manager, patent engineer and technical specialist, or continuing research in a PhD programme.


The tuition fee to pursue this course at the university for international students is around 34,500 GBP per year.


Imperial College London (ICL)


Imperial College London (ICL) is one of the top universities in UK for Biotechnology. It offers two master’s level programs in the biotechnology field: MSc in Applied Biosciences and Biotechnology and MSc in Advanced Chemical Engineering with Biotechnology.


While pursuing an MSc in Applied Biosciences and Biotechnology, you can comprehend the fundamental idea guiding contemporary biosciences research. This Master’s programme will also train you in laboratory and research techniques.

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By studying MSc in Advanced Chemical Engineering with Biotechnology, you’ll be able to advance your knowledge of the science and engineering of biological processes. You’ll also build expertise in various biotechnology concepts and explore aspects of metabolic engineering, wastewater treatment, and tissue engineering.


The cost of studying MSc in Applied Biosciences and Biotechnology at the university is 35,000 GBP per year.


University of Cambridge


The University of Cambridge offers a one-year MPhil in Biotechnology programme. It aims to draw attention to the interface of biology and physical sciences. The programme is designed to provide students with core and advanced knowledge and practical and research skills in biotechnology. You’ll gain transferable skills and business awareness.


Majorly, the programme covers four key areas, core, and advanced knowledge, practical skills, research skills, and business-relevant knowledge.


If you talk about the cost of studying this course at the university for international students, it is around 35,000 GBP per year.


University College London


UCL is considered one of the top universities in UK for biotechnology courses with Pharmaceuticals. It offers 1 year MSC programme in Biotech and Pharmaceutical Management. The course mainly draws attention to the business and management of biotechnology and pharmaceutical ventures.


This programme teaches students an advanced level of the interactions between business and science in this field. It is an ideal course for individuals who envisage a career that spans biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, business and entrepreneurship.


The university’s tuition fee to study MSC in Biotech and Pharmaceutical Management is around 32,100 GBP per year.

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Queen’s University Belfast


Queen’s University Belfast is considered one of the best universities in UK for biotechnology. It offers 1 year MSc in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology.


This programme aims to teach the fundamental molecular bioscience underpinning biotechnology. It is one of the best universities to study Biotechnology in UK. The School of Biological Sciences was the first school of Biological Sciences to achieve a prestigious Athena SWAN Gold award. The core modules of the programme include Biotechnology, Foundations for research in biosciences, Nucleic acid structure and function, and Protein structure and function.


The tuition fee for international students studying MSc in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology is around 23,150 GBP per year.


University of Bath


The University of Bath offers 1 year full-time MSc (or 2 years part-time MSc) program in the field of biotechnology. The University of Bath MSc Biotechnology course offers two specialisations: Healthcare Technologies and Sustainable Biotechnologies.


The Healthcare Technology programme gives you an understanding of how biological systems’ molecular and cellular mechanisms can be utilised and manipulated to improve drug therapies and diagnostic tools to solve real-world biological problems. In comparison, the Sustainable Biotechnologies program will give you an understanding of how biological systems’ molecular and cellular mechanisms can be utilised and manipulated to solve real-world biological problems.


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