Google is taking a fantastic step with the new Pixel 6 Pro features. The design has been completely modified and the appliance has been brought to the absolute flagship-level in many paths. The horizontal camera gives a unique look and of course has a lot to offer, as is typical for Google. The United State of America company is also shining with its first in-house smartphone processor.

Completely new look

The appearance of the Pixel line has been fundamentally changed. After the previous series relied on a simple design and upper-middle-class features, Google is now pulling out all the stops. The camera is the first to catch the eye and was drawn across the entire horizontal line of the back. It sticks out a bit, but thanks to its shape it offers a stable hold on the table. The black bar is decorated with shiny metal accents.

The design looks a bit more angular than its predecessor and is more in the direction of the current iPhones. The colors are divided into clear areas instead of making up the entire housing in one cast, as with the Pixel 5. The dichotomy above and below the camera is also noticeable. Available in the three variants Cloudy White, Sorta Sunny, and Stormy Black, there is a different matching color above the camera. The result is a truly unique design that no other smartphone has and that makes the Pixel 6 Pro an eye-catcher.

The Pixel 6 Pro is IP68 certified for high resistance. So water and dust cannot harm your device. Falls and scratches are no problem for the smartphone with the outstanding Corning Gorilla Glass Victus on the front and back.

The new, unique design shines in three colors.

Large display with 120 Hertz

The display sizes of the new generation have been revised. While the Pixel 6 with 6.4 inches screen diagonal is 0.4 inches above its predecessor, the Pro version with 6.7 inches goes one better and moves in the phablet area like many other flagships. The AMOLED screen not only impresses with its size but also with a brilliant resolution in Quad HD + (1440 x 3120), which trumps both the Pixel 5 and the Pixel 6 with Full HD +. The refresh rate is 120 Hertz for smooth playback. This pays off particularly well for scrolling and gaming.

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The punch hole of the front camera is drawn from the upper left corner to the middle of the upper edge. The edges of the screen are kept very narrow and overall the front is much more angular than before. The fingerprint sensor was also moved from the back under the display, as is the case with many competing devices.

For perfect selfies in a central position, the new notch can be found in the middle.

Ultimate triple camera

Google’s smartphones have always been known for their good cameras. This is where the name Pixel comes from for the range of ingenious camera phones. For the Pixel 6 Pro, however, Google has once again raised the bar significantly. Where the Pixel 5, which already takes great photos, has two lenses installed, the 6 Pro has three sensors. These have been embedded in a completely new look to stand out from the standard arrangement in the Apple rectangle of many manufacturers. The lenses are arranged horizontally in the black bar and complemented by the contrasting LED flash on the right-hand side.

In terms of resolution, the pixel series has a big plus: instead of 12 MP, there is a full 50 MP with the wide-angle lens. The primary sensor has a low ƒ / 1.85 aperture, laser autofocus, and an OIS for perfect photos and 4K videos in the dark and in busy situations. According to Google, the significantly larger sensor surface captures 150% more light.

As with the predecessor and the smaller version, an ultra-wide-angle lens is also available. The sensor has 12 MP and a particularly large recording angle of 114 °. This is how you take beautiful landscape shots and photos of other large subjects such as groups of people.

The telephoto lens is new and superbly equipped. You can only find this in the Pro version. The resolution is a whopping 48 MP and it has been provided with both an OIS and improved autofocus (PDAF). These properties go wonderfully with the fourfold optical zoom, which corresponds to a focal length of 104 mm. In this way, you can bring distant subjects up close and capture the smallest details that a normal mobile phone camera would miss.

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The selfie camera also has a lot to offer and has been noticeably upgraded. Instead of the previous 8, it now offers 11.1 MP and an extra-wide field of view. The ultra-wide-angle front camera with a focal length equivalent of 20 mm or a shooting angle of 94 ° is ideal for group selfies. It can also record in Ultra HD, which will make your streams, social media films, and video calls look perfect.


With these features, the Google Pixel 6 Pro is one of the best camera phones on the market. You can find more smartphones with fantastic cameras compared to Google’s device here: The best camera phones 2021 (mobile phone photography part II)

Indestructible and unmistakably designed.

The new in-house power chip

For the first time, the Californian company has produced an SoC (System-on-a-Chip) for smartphones. This first smartphone processor from Google is called Tensor. Like other flagship chips (e.g. Snapdragon 888 or A14 Bionic), it was manufactured using the 5 nm process for a particularly large number of transistors on a very small area. With the chip, Google enables absolute top performance, safe use, and highly intelligent algorithms.

The new eight-core processor clocks with a maximum of 2.8 GHz and develops great performance. In addition, there is an impressive 12 GB of RAM for smooth multitasking and extremely demanding applications. The large computing power works with a fast UFS 3.1 memory of 128 or 256 GB, depending on the version. Especially for the improved camera, Google Tensor goes to great lengths and allows AI-optimized photography.  5G is of course also on board for a perfect connection at all times.

Of course, the Pixel 6 Pro was the very first device to install the new Android 12. As a developer, Google has in recent years insisted on being the first to bring their Pixel smartphones onto the market with the latest version. The Pixel 6 Pro with the current operating system has a newly designed surface with individually adjustable colors. The UI is very appealing and intuitively designed with many intelligent aids such as speech recognition and strong security mechanisms for your data protection.

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The battery in the Pixel 6 Pro has a decent capacity of 5,003 mAh. You can get by with this for a long time without having to charge your cell phone. Thanks to the AI ​​optimizations, the new Google Tensor Chip also helps to use energy efficiently. Of course, fast charging and wireless charging are also included. With a rapid 30 watts via USB-C, you can supply your smartphone with new energy. That easily tops other flagships like the Samsung Galaxy S21  (25 watts) and the iPhone 12 (20 watts).

You can find out more about fast charging here: Fast charging function – everything you need  to know about the new charging technologies

According to the assumption, as with other manufacturers (Apple, Samsung, etc.), a  charger is no longer included. Most users already have a sufficient number of power supplies and this saves electronic waste and packaging weight. From an environmental point of view, this is a small but important step towards making the smartphone industry greener. However, manufacturers also opt for this strategy for economic reasons. If you need a new adapter, you have to buy it separately. However, a cable is included in the scope of delivery, similar to the competitors.

The Google Pixel 6 Pro is a superlative smartphone. In addition to a fantastic display and the interesting new design, the device shines with a camera that overshadows many. In addition, there is the great processor, which stirs up the chip manufacturers’ market and provides a breath of fresh air. Here, Google has outdone itself and you can look with satisfaction at the 6 Pro and excitedly into the future of the Pixel series.

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