Get full funding for your master’s or professional program by applying for the McCall MacBain scholarship in Canada today.

Along with living expenses to cover you while you study, it also provides you with living stipends. They also offer financial assistance if you have to relocate to Montréal.

As an award-winning candidate, you will have a mentor, coach, and advisor readily available to assist you. They will aid in your guidance and support.

The goals of this program is to help you discover new things and pursue your interests, in addition to helping you hone your leadership abilities.

Entries for the 2024 class are now being accepted. As McCall MacBain Scholars for admission in 2024, up to 20 Canadians (citizens, permanent residents, and refugees) and 10 international applicants will be selected.

Eligibility for the McCall MacBain Scholarship

To be qualified to apply for the McCall Scholarship 2025 cohort, you will need to meet one of the following criteria:

  • As a current student, you plan to graduate by August 2025 with your first bachelor’s degree.
  • In the last five years, you have obtained your first bachelor’s degree (January 2019 or later).
  • You earned your first bachelor’s degree more than five years ago and will be 30 years of age or younger in 2024
  • You will also need to meet the minimum degree and language requirements for McGill master’s program admission.

How To Apply

The McCall MacBain Scholarship is usually open 12–15 months before the start of your program at McGill.

Most people usually apply for a scholarship before they even go ahead to apply for a graduate program at McGill University.


After you apply for the McCall MacBain Scholarship, you will need to apply to your intended McGill programs.

You will need to apply to McGill McCall by the program’s deadline, or by December at the latest if you are selected for McCall MacBain Scholarship final interviews.


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