The Northern European nation of Lithuania is highly developed. Lithuania was first mentioned by name in a recorded document dated 1009. This Lithuanian university offers programs for bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. Approximately five hundred Russian or English study programs are available.

The Lithuanian government is the one providing the scholarship. Outstanding students receive it. For master’s degree programs, scholarships are offered. Applying does not require payment of any kind.

Scholarships for higher education in Lithuania are open to all applicants. Students seeking a full-time master’s degree this year will be eligible to apply for 100 scholarships from the Lithuanian government. 

Benefits of the Lithuanian State Scholarship 2024-2025

  • The Lithuania State Scholarships 2024–25 in Europe offer several advantages to postgraduate students and master’s degree programs.
  • The Lithuanian higher education institution will not charge its applicants any kind of tuition. There will be no tuition for any Master’s program.
  • A scholarship has a monthly value of 550 euros.
  • The applicant will join a Lithuanian institution of higher learning.
  • The citizens listed below will receive scholarships in the aforementioned categories:
  • There will be twenty grants given to Ukraine.
  • Ten grants will be awarded to Belarus.
  • Lithuanian-born foreign nationals living in non-EU and EFTA nations (5 grants)

Required Documents For Lithuanian State Scholarship 2024-2025

  • The applicant’s prior academic records must be submitted.
  • The Master’s program requires your undergraduate transcript and materials from your university application.
  • A copy of your national identity document if you are European, and a copy of your passport if you are not.
  • A minimum of one recommendation letter attesting to your master’s level of English language competency.
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Eligibility Criteria For Lithuanian State Scholarship 2024-2025

The following countries are the only international candidates: 

  • Non-EU and non-EFTA countries; Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus; China, Georgia; Israel; Japan; Moldova; South Korea; Ukraine; or a foreigner of Lithuanian origin.
  • To be eligible for the Lithuanian scholarships for full-time master’s degree study, candidates must be admitted.
  • Priority will be given to those who speak Lithuanian fluently; English will be the medium of instruction for all master’s programs. To pursue a master’s degree, you need to be competent.
  • It takes a first degree in the field to be eligible to enrol in a master’s program.

Application Deadline

The deadline is May 6, 2024, for the Lithuanian state scholarships for students studying abroad in 2024–2025. For this deal, only foreign nationals from specific countries are eligible. Don’t miss this opportunity.

How do I apply for the Lithuanian State Scholarship?

The Lithuania State Scholarships 2024–25 in Europe application process is completed online. Click this to apply right now. Take advantage of this chance as soon as you can.


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