In previous times, the definition of art varied across cultures and historical periods. In general, arts refers to the expression of creativity and activity in daily routine. With time, the definition of arts has expanded and become more inclusive, reflecting the evolution of creativity and expression. Arts now encompass a wide range of disciplines and mediums, including visual arts, performing arts, literature, music, film, digital media, design, and more.


Studying art degrees abroad allows one to expand their knowledge and form a wider perspective of the subject. Since Canada is a country with diverse cultures and people from all walks of life live there harmoniously. This, in turn, gives birth to various ideas and art forms with various perspectives, broadening the art industry to bloom in different forms. This diversity also allows you to gain exposure and embrace your passion for arts while indulging with like-minded people.


Are you also planning to pursue your art degree in Canada? If yes, then this blog is for you. Let’s explore some of the top arts universities in Canada for international students.


List of Top Arts Universities in Canada

So let’s begin with the list of best universities in Canada to pursue art courses.


Concordia University


Concordia University is considered one of the best universities in Canada to study arts courses. The university is renowned for its strong reputation in Arts and Humanities. It offers a wide range of programs and courses in fine arts, performing arts, media studies, literature, and cultural studies, providing students with diverse options to explore their creative and intellectual passions. Concordia University’s location in Montreal, a cultural hub known for its thriving arts scene, also provides students with ample opportunities to immerse themselves in a city renowned for its art galleries, theatres, festivals, and creative industries.


University of Alberta


International students studying Arts courses in Canada should strongly consider the University of Alberta for its exceptional offerings and unique features within the Arts department. The University of Alberta boasts a renowned Arts faculty comprising distinguished professors and experts in various disciplines. This ensures that students receive a top-tier education and guidance from leaders in their respective fields. The Arts Department at the University of Alberta is known for its interdisciplinary approach, allowing students to explore the intersections of different arts disciplines and encouraging creative collaboration.

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The university also offers state-of-the-art facilities, including specialised studios, performance spaces, and research centres, providing students an optimal environment to hone their artistic skills and engage in innovative projects. It offers international students a wide range of arts courses, including history, Religious Studies, gender studies, music, psychology, film studies, and many more.


Alberta University of the Arts


Alberta University of the Arts is one of the most famous art schools in Canada for international students. The university facilitates one of the best and biggest arts facilities, with each of its studios supervised by skilled professionals. Moreover, the university’s student-to-faculty ratio is 16:1, which allows faculty to pay more personalised attention to the students. AUArts offers Bachelor of Fine Arts and Design degree programs and a Master of Fine Arts. With 11 areas of concentration and the flexibility to work across disciplines, you can expand your skills or hone right in on the details that inspire you. Apart from this, the university is close to stunning mountain parks and full of arts and culture, allowing one to get good exposure to art and beauty.


George Brown College


This university provides students numerous options to pursue their interests and career goals in the arts field. It offers various media and performing art courses, such as Acting for Media, Commercial Dance, Screenwriting and Narrative, Sound Design and Production, etc. Mainly, the College emphasises hands-on learning and practical experience, ensuring students gain the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in their chosen fields. Moreover, the institute has a strong focus on industry partnerships and collaborations. These connections enable students to engage with professionals, benefit from guest lectures, and access networking opportunities that can lead to potential job offers. Further, George Brown College is located in downtown Toronto, one of the world’s most vibrant and multicultural cities. Students have access to a thriving arts and cultural scene, diverse dining options, and a bustling business hub, providing a rich and immersive environment for personal and professional growth.



University of Montreal


The University of Montreal is internationally recognised for its excellence in arts education. Many international students strongly consider pursuing art courses at the University of Montreal every year. The university’s art department offers a wide range of programs and disciplines, including cinema studies, fine arts and creative technology, art history, and music, providing students diverse options to explore their creative passions.


The Faculty of Music of the Université de Montréal is recognised as the largest French-speaking institution in North America in the field of music education and music research. The university also offers numerous scholarships to the most deserving film studies students. Overall, pursuing art courses at the University of Montreal provides international students with access to high-quality education and the opportunity to grow in the field of art.


Cape Breton University


Cape Breton University is one of the finest art schools in Canada for international students. The university’s Department of Art and Social Sciences provides a strong foundation for the future you want. CBU’s School of Arts has many unique opportunities, including small-size classrooms, community-oriented and experiential learning, and internship opportunities. Majorly the university offers four degrees, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Arts and Science in Environment, Bachelor of Arts Community Studies, and Bachelor of Social Work.


Generally, the degrees and programs are based on developing a competitive advantage for students in postgraduate programs or the job market. Apart from this, the institute has close community relationships, facilitating community-based projects and in-field research. Moreover, the university’s location on the island allows students to explore the heritage, scenic views, and culture there.


Acardia University


Acardia University is one of the top arts universities in Canada. It has a separate College of Arts and Science, ranked 8th in the US for undergraduate study abroad participation. The department has a student-to-faculty ratio 12:1, allowing more personalised attention towards individual students.


Moreover, the university is home to liberal arts with fields and disciplines that use varied approaches to engage with ideas and seek to advance knowledge in the arts, humanities, and social science. The university offers many arts degrees, including Law, Art History, Art Therapy, Acting, Arts Entrepreneurship and Curatorial Studies. This diverse selection allows students to explore their artistic passions and develop skills in their chosen fields.



St. Thomas University


St. Thomas University is considered one of the best universities for international students planning to pursue Arts degrees in Canada. One of the key features of St. Thomas is small classes that allow for engaging dialogue and encourage collaborative learning. The university offers a plethora of arts degrees, including Fine arts, journalism, History, Anthropology, Economics, and many more. Being a part of a Bachelor of Arts degree at the university, you can choose your major, minor and honours subjects. This opportunity to tailor your degree to your interests, with those you had before and those you discovered along the way, will allow you to diversify your knowledge, experience, and perspective.


University of Northern British Columbia


The University of Northern British Columbia offers a wide range of Arts degrees to international students, including Anthropology, Economics, English, Environmental and Sustainability Studies, History, Political Science, etc. The university’s art faculty consists of accomplished professors who bring experience and expertise to the classroom. UNBC is located in the stunning natural landscapes of British Columbia, providing an inspiring and creative environment for art students. The breathtaking scenery, rich Indigenous cultures, and vibrant arts community offer abundant sources of inspiration and opportunities for artistic exploration. Apart from this, the university offers various scholarship opportunities to art students, including international ones.


St. Mary’s University


At St. Mary’s University, you’ll find a world of possibilities in the faculty of Arts through 12 academic departments and unique interdisciplinary programs. It is one of the top arts universities in Canada. While studying at the university, you’ll get an opportunity to learn with leading researchers who are locally and globally connected, and this enhances your degree with fieldwork, co-op, community services, and research options. Apart from this, you also get an opportunity to choose your minor, major, and honours according to your interest. It offers a wide range of courses, including anthropology, Asian studies, Creative writing, film studies, economics, geography, intercultural studies, psychology, and many more.

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