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Canada Visa Application Form| Canada Visa Application Guide and Requirements

For an individual to get a visa to Canada, he/she should understand the visa types out there, along with various other needs. As probably the most advanced nation on the planet, Canada could be the world’s biggest country.

Situated above North America, it shares a border together with the United States.

It’s a bilingual country with both French and English as official languages.

Citizens of international countries that plan to travel to Canada will have to have a Canada visa unless they’re from countries that are qualified for the Waiver Program.

Overall Requirements for a Canadian Visa

Candidates need to have a thoroughly clean criminal history (a police report is required). The candidate will have to have the ability to speak, understand and talk in the English language, additionally, assure the immigration officer to go out of Canada after the stipulated time.

The files for a Canadian Visa include

  • Completed Visa forms.

An innovative and also a photocopy of a good Nigerian passport of yours. That your Nigerian passport should be valid for no less than six months after the date of your return and also have no less than 2 blank pages.

  • 2 colored photographs which see the visa photo requirements.
  • Evidence of visa application fee.
  • Evidence of having enough money for the length of the journey (i.e. 3 months of bank statements, pay slips, proof of investments, etc.).
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When you’re not footing the bills for the journey, you are going to need a letter from anyone or maybe an institution sponsoring the trip plus extra documents (i.e. a copy of their passport of theirs along with a bank statement proving they actually have enough funds).

  • Evidence of connections to Nigeria (i.e. employment letter, proof of assets or businesses, etc.).

Copy of provisional flight bookings and travel itinerary (that is, accommodation reservations).

  • You may have to provide evidence that you’re in health that is good.
  • Previous passports showing traveling history.
  • Extra electronic documents to allow for your application of yours (i.e. marriage certificates, invitation letters, etc.).
  • A self-addressed return courier envelope.

Minors (under eighteen) traveling solely will require a letter of authorization signed by legal guardians or both parents. For minors traveling with a single parent, a letter of authorization from the non-accompanying parent or maybe an authorized guardian is needed.

In case you’re going to relatives or maybe traveling for business you are going to need an invitation letter detailing the dynamics of the visit, length of stay, specifics of the multitude owner or even company, etc.

Visa Types

The goal of traveling is relative to the good results of the candidates.

Canadian visas are sometimes for temporary residence or permanent residence.

There is an improvement in the kinds of Canada visas to add a brand new group of applicants.

The kinds of short-term Canada Visa include;

  • Study Permit Visa
  • Tourist/Business Visa
  • Massage Permit

Study Permit Visa;

This visa can be obtained for individuals who wish to research in Canada on a short-term basis. A student visa is valid for any length of the program which you intend to do over there along with an additional ninety days. Several entries are allowed however, you will need to show evidence that you’re currently enrolled in that study program of yours. A study Permit visa takes thirty-eight days to process as well as costs about ₦28,000.

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Nevertheless, to be qualified for a research visa application you’ve to experience the following:

  • Proof of admission by an educational institution or a school.
  • A proof that they’re financially effective at paying their school fees, transportation, sorting accommodation, and various other related maintenance costs.
  • The candidate must be in health that is good and must be prepared to have a medical test.
  • The candidate must have a thoroughly clean criminal record.


Business/Enterprise Visa

The visa is given to people that wish to begin a company in Canada. A company visa enables the holder to remain for several six months, in case you want to remain longer you will have to put on for an extension a minimum of thirty days prior to the conclusion of your stay. This particular visa type takes about thirty-eight days to process as well as costs about ₦28,000.

Where to obtain a Canada Visa Application Form

Canadian visa application form is done by hand or perhaps online. At the visa application center, the VAC charge is paid to acquire the hard copy form. Paper-filed applications should be submitted in person.

In order to apply online, an applicant will have to go to the Canadian visa office (IRCC) site.

The best way to Schedule a Canada Visa Appointment

Canada visa appointment is slated for the Canada visa office website after the visa application fee continues to be compensated. Once scheduling is performed, the appointment letter must be printed as it is evidence that applicants essentially scheduled an appointment.

The papers needed include:

  • International Passport
  • Passport-sized photo
  • Finished form
  • Supporting documents

Where and how to pay Canada Visa Fees

Canada visa costs vary based on the visa type being sought. The charge could be paid by money at a bank counter or perhaps may be accomplished using a third party’s card, so the card owner’s name will show up on the receipt. Nevertheless, this particular title does not have to match the specific candidate.

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Additionally, it’s vital that you be aware the receipt gotten has to be maintained as it’s the sole evidence that the transaction was made.

The best way to Submit the Canada Visa Application

IRCC application product is exactly where the internet application is submitted, while that produced on paper must be submitted in person to the Canada Visa Application Center.

Canada Visa Processing Time

Canadian visa processing times could be hard to determine since they vary because of the application type in question, so the number of applications currently being processed altogether. However, for Nigerians requesting a Canadian study visa, it may take about sixteen weeks (four months).

Time Required: seventy-two days

The best way to Collect Your Canada Visa

It’s crucial the applicants need to be available in person to collect their passports, visa, and other documents of theirs. They can also spend on a courier service.

Remember that third parties aren’t permitted to gather the documents on behalf of an applicant except for several couples of events like whenever a parent is gathering for a dependent kid, and when one relative is gathering the passports for the entire household.

Location and address Of Canada Embassy in Nigeria

  • Lagos Canada Embassy Address

Address: Canadian Deputy High Commission, Immigration Section. four Anifowoshe Street. Victoria Island, Lagos

Telephone: (234 one) 262-2512/13/15 Email: lagos.immigrationinternational.gc.ca

Fax:(234 1) 262-2516/17

  • Abuja Canada Embassy Address

Address: High Commission of Canada to Nigeria, Palm close, 13010G, Diplomatic Drive. Central Business District, Abuja

Telephone: (011 234 nine) 461-2900

Fax: (eleven 234 nine) 461-2901 Email: Abujainternational.gc.ca

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