Applications are being accepted for the 2024 One Young World Summit Summit Building Tomorrow Scholarship. Through interactive discussions, immersive virtual reality experiences, and real-world case studies led by Holcim specialists, OYW seeks to broaden the discourse on artificial intelligence (AI) and its applications in advancing sustainability and urban resilience.

As part of Holcim’s global delegation, the program will allow an interdisciplinary cohort of five young leaders to attend the upcoming One Young World Summit 2024 in Montréal. 

This scholarship will specifically assist young leaders who are influential in any of the following fields:

  • Using cutting-edge AI technologies to improve waste management, operational efficiency, material selection, energy efficiency, and environmentally friendly building designs in the context of sustainable construction.
  • using artificial intelligence (AI) to improve urban resilience, such as in traffic management, infrastructure maintenance, disaster prediction and management, or climate adaptation planning.
  • Establishing legal and policy frameworks, community engagement and awareness programs, and encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration are some ways to ensure the responsible application of AI in urban development.

Benefits of The One Young World Summit Scholarship 

  • Successful applicants will get access to the September 18–21, 2024, One Young World Summit in Montréal, Canada. 
  • Paid accommodation From October 17 to October 22, for the Summit conference in Montréal. 
  • Covered travel expenses (economy class). 
  • Covered meal expenses (breakfast, lunch, and dinner on conference days are all included in the meal plan). 
  • All paid transportation costs. (The Summit venue and the Summit lodging may require underground transportation.). 
  • A special chance to become a part of the Holcim community, grow their network, and connect with driven young changemakers will also be given to scholars. 
  • Throughout their time at the summit and afterwards, Holcim will help and mentor them.
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Eligibility Criteria

The following are the criteria for being eligible for this scholarship: 

  • Candidates must be between the ages of 18 and 30.
  • Having a beneficial influence in one of the three areas of concentration for the scholarship: 
  1. Using AI technologies for sustainable building;
  2. Using AI solutions for urban resilience
  3. and responsible AI applications in urban development.

The application deadline is April 7, 2024.


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