Now there are enough articles right there on the internet showing you how to develop your business mindset and make that money, but theoretically everyone gas being stuck with the same advice strategically, pretty much you can guarantee you’ll become millionaire in a matter of a few decades, but u think we should dig a little bit deeper than that and find our where it all starts and when it comes to this topic, people who I’ve walked with and are all in their 20’s and the cool thing is that they will have a very similar personality traits regardless of how they’ve made their money.  It’s necessary to recognize these commonalities that a lot it these people share and incorporate these in your own life.

Now the first thing I notice is that they all have a sense of urgency, there is no tomorrow, there is no next week, there is no next month, it’s right now ND it’s today, this very second that matters the most, nothing good happens tomorrow that you can’t start right now, thinking you’re going to get around something tomorrow or today or next week is just a sore way to kill whatever you want to do and not get around it, now from everything I have ever Done, nothing good has ever come from me waiting around to do something or the right opportunity to come up, it’s just never happens, what I learned is that there is no such thing as a perfect time to do something, there is no right time to make something happen, the only right fine that you have is literally right now,  because if you wait everything will wind up in your favor and then the perfect opportunity to present itself right infront of you, you’re going to help waiting your entire life and never get around to it.

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What I’ve realized is that if you want something, you generally have to make it happen now without waiting for everything to line up because it would never live up and it would just be silly there waiting for all of these expectations to come up in your favor and if just didn’t happen.

So if there’s something you want to do and you’re waiting for the right time to-do it,  the best chance you have of making it happen is right now and today so having said that, it’s the sense of urgency is really what it takes to get the momentum in the first place and to get you started in doing what you want to do,  and it’s because of those personality traits that emerges a lot of self made millio

Now to the second personality Trait I’ve noticed is that they’re okay with delayed gratification, they’re okay putting off immediate rewards for a long term picture with a great benefits  in the end. It seems like so many people want the quick fix and they want a short And they want the fastest way possible to get what they want, nut I’ve noticed that the type of people who are okay with delayed gratification are generally the type that are more patient and they are okay judging through something because they have a huge picture and they see life as a game of strategic chess that’s just being a quick check, researchers have children the option of having one marshmello now or waiting 15 minutes and having 2 marsh mellow and Where it gets interesting is that when these children were filled up, later in life it was found that the ones that were okay with the late gratification waiting for 15 minutes for 2 marshmallow ever up having a better outcome in life not only in test scores or academia, but also in the ability to cope with stress and frustration as well as being healthier people in general.


The reality is, you’re often going to have to work without any sort of recognition or Reward or any sort of benefit for a very long time until you reach success and until it’s very easy to give up at that point when you’re being working so hard and haven’t gotten anything in return. If you just want that immediate gratitude and quick fix.

But delayaing the gratification here would make it much more rewarding when you’re doing all the work that it takes in the beginning because you’re so focused on the long term outlook and not just what you can get right now.

Now the Third personality traits I’ve seen is that they have no excuses, this is a really important one I highly recommend, if you’re reading this article,  this is one of the most important and probably the most important so far. The reality is you need to take ownership of your life, you and only you are responsible for your success and nobody owes you anything and that’s the harsh reality because this is something I’ve noticed extensively since writing articles.

And that the reality is not that they can’t do it, it’s just that they making excuses in their head to relish why they don’t want to take a chance and make it happen, there’s no excuses the only excuse here is that you’re too afraid to try it and you’re procrastinating everything you want to do to make it yourself feel better about next too sced to try something new.

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If you want something bad enough, you will find a way to make it happen, if its too competitive you’ll find a way to stand out, if you don’t know how to do something you’ll find a way to make it happen. You will always find a solution there should be no reason for you to ever make an excuse from here on out. If you ever find yourself making excuses at this point, catch yourself and realize that there is no excuse and then think to yourself what else could you be spending your time on right now besides conjuring up excuses Be reasons why I can’t do something.


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