The Oxford Pershing Square Graduate Scholarship in the UK is offered by the University of Oxford in partnership with the Pershing Square Foundation.

The Pershing Square Foundation (PSF) was founded in 2006 with the goal of assisting outstanding leaders and creative organizations that take on significant social issues and make a global impact that is both scalable and sustainable.

PSF has committed $500+ million in grants and social investments across a number of fields. This includes health and medicine, education, economic development, and social justice. Neri Oxman and Bill Ackman serve as the Foundation’s co-trustees.

The Oxford Pershing Square Scholarship is designed to support outstanding students on a dual master’s degree (1+1 MBA). This covers both the Master’s degree and the MBA year.

Eligibility Requirement for Oxford Pershing Square Scholarship In UK

To be considered for the Oxford Pershing Square Graduate Scholarship in the UK, here are the eligibility criteria:

  1. You must be admitted to a 1+1 MBA partnering programme and to the MBA prior to the selection process (waitlisted or re-evaluated applicants will not be considered)
  2. If you apply to any full-time, one-year Master’s course that is not currently part of the official list of 1+1 MBA partnering programs and to the MBA (as a separate application),
  3. If you are moving into your MBA year and have not been considered for the scholarship in the previous year (e.g waitlisted or re-evaluated applicants),
  4. You must have been admitted to the MBA while studying in one of the 1+1 MBA partnering programmes.

Benefits of Oxford Pershing Graduate Scholarship In UK

Here are the benefits all successful applicants enjoys when awarded the Oxford Pershing Square Graduate Scholarship in the UK:

  • Full funding for all course fees.
  • A living allowance of at least £15,609 for each of the two academic years.
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Selection criteria for Oxford Pershing Graduate Scholarship In UK

  1. Academic achievement is demonstrated through degree results, such as GMAT or GRE scores. This also includes previous university prizes and awards and other academic achievements.
  2. Leadership potential demonstrated through experience and motivation.
  3. Strong personal character, integrity, and commitment.
  4. Want to focus your career on addressing global social concerns, either as the founder of a new company or as an employee of one that already exists.
  5. Capacity to imagine achieving sustainable and scalable solutions to these problems.
  6. Articulated vision on how the Oxford 1+1 MBA will allow you to fulfil your objectives.

You are advised to highlight these attributes in your 1+1 MBA application, scholarship essay and interview answers. 

Selection process for Oxford Pershing Square Scholarship

Candidates will be shortlisted in early April, and those that make the cut will likely receive invitations to interviews in late April or early May.

Applications Guidelines for Oxford Pershing Graduate Scholarships in the UK

In order to submit an application for the Oxford Pershing Square Graduate Scholarship in the UK, you must:

  1. Submit a complete application for both courses. Upload the scholarship essay in the ‘Funding’ section of the 1+1 MBA programme application. Make sure to do this before the deadline in order to be considered for this scholarship.
  2. Provide a 500-word response to the following query:
    1. What does this tell us about you personally, and how do you want to impact the world?
  3. Each of the University of Oxford’s partnering programmes has its own application form, deadlines, and requirements. Take a look at them and apply to the program that interests you.
  4. You must apply by January 5, 2024, for the 1+1 MBA and by your chosen Master’s programme deadline, either in December or January.
  5. Funding deadlines for 1+1 MBA partnering programmes can be found on the relevant course page on the Graduate Admissions website.
  6. To submit your application, go to the Oxford Pershing Square Scholarship Official page by clicking the icon below.


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